Monthly Archives: May 2013

Will the new generic TLD programme impact your brand management strategy?

ICANN’s new gTLD programme, which includes launching new gTLDs such as “.accountant” or “.bid” will impact on the way companies formulate brand management strategies. Iain Roache brings to attention that “new gTLD will be really interesting for the firms to reinforce their online presence and build new online assets.” Read more about this article by clicking here.

Are you ready for the launch of new generic TLD?

“This article is an 8-step guide developed by Elisa Cooper and shows how companies and individuals must be aware with the approach of new generic Top Level Domain (TLD) registries. In the next few months, the activity will be frenetic and some companies are now preparing themselves for the launch of new generic Top Level Domains,” says Charles Melvin. If you like to read more.