About us

Iain Roache founded Domain Venture Partners to create a bridge between the demand for and supply of finance, and the provision of technical support in relation to ICANN’s new generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name process. It has since evolved to become the only regulated structured investment fund group, for experienced investors to benefit from the potentially very attractive returns generated by investing in and managing TLD registries. DVP provides investors with a clean and direct access to an uncorrelated asset class, which would ordinarily be out of the reach of individual investors.

Domain Venture Partners PCC Limited (DVP) was launched in October 2011 and closed in April 2012 with AUM of £48.3m. Its investment strategy is to invest in the ICANN New gTLD Programme at the application stage. It invested in 60 investment companies which each applied for licences to operate generic TLD registries. Of those 60 applications 15 are uncontested and delegated and are now live on the Internet.

DVP is in the process of resolving contention sets (where at least one other applicant applied to operate the same registry) in the remaining gTLDs.



Drive, Vision and Passion


Our Drive

According to Iain Roache, “We set up Domain Venture Partners to supply finance and technical support, under ICANN’s New Top Level Domain programme, in order facilitate business instruments and stimulate market forces in support of ICANN’s stated aims of enhancing competition and consumer choice, and enabling the benefits of innovation via the introduction of new gTLDs.”


Our Vision

Our primary purpose as an organization is to deliver the highest quality fund investment in the market. Our success, however, will never detract from our focus on personal attention. We aspire to a culture of growth, profitability, creativity and enthusiasm throughout the firm.


Our Passion

Iain Roache’s entrepreneurial vision for Domain Venture Partners is based on the following core principles:

  • – Risk profile reduction
  • – Ability to target specific strings
  • – Portfolio spread by investing in multiple applicants

Short time period between investment and cash distributions.