Shot Clock: Governance Council announced for .Basketball gTLD

Basketball Stakeholders Sought to Advise Top Level Domain

Dot Basketball Limited, which has applied to operate the .Basketball top-level domain (new gTLD), today announced a “shot clock” for those interested in participating in a Governance Council for the .Basketball TLD. Commencing today, and continuing for several months, members of the worldwide basketball community will be able to signal their interest in providing ongoing guidance on best practices for the .Basketball gTLD.

The initiative is part of the application process for new generic top-level domains (new gTLDs), a way that ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is enabling an expansion of the Internet’s real estate. Charles Melvin of Dot Basketball Limited declares “while Governance Councils have been created for other gTLDs, the .Basketball Governance Council is the only such advisory body for advising on best practices for the .Basketball gTLD, including Abuse Prevention and Mitigation (APM) Seal reporting system, intellectual property rights protection, gTLD rules, reserved second-level domain names, certification or authentication programmes, and ensuring compliance with ICANN rules.”

“With basketball’s ever-increasing worldwide following, the sport now transcends national and international boundaries,” said Iain Roache of Dot Basketball Limited. “Such a globally powerful sport deserves its own Internet domain, and we are confident that the .Basketball gTLD will be the destination for those who love this game. In launching the .Basketball Governance Council, we look forward to engaging the community—players, fans, owners, and more—so that all key stakeholders are represented.”

“It is expected that participants on the .Basketball Governance Council may include amateur or professional athletes, fans, team owners, merchandising organizations, as well as other stakeholders who wish to contribute to the .Basketball gTLD” said Charles Melvin. Those interested in learning more about participating are asked to visit

“Dot Basketball Limited representatives explained that expressions of interest would be accepted at this site for several months, with ongoing communications sent to interested parties prior to the Governance Council launch,” stated Iain Roache. Officials also noted that ongoing Governance Council activity is subject to award of the .Basketball gTLD by ICANN.