Governance Council announced for .Music Top Level Domain

A First for the Arts, Music Stakeholders Sought to Advise on Internet Policy

June 2013 – Dot Music Limited, whose mission is to pursue a new .Music top-level domain (gTLD), today invited music industry stakeholders to participate in the Governance Council that will provide input on the .Music TLD.  Though Governance Councils have been established in the health, sports, and non-profit markets, the .Music Governance Council is the first to actively pursue input from those in the arts.

The effort follows a multiyear process undertaken by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to allow for potentially hundreds of new generic top-level domains (new gTLDs). “Those tapped to serve on the .Music Governance Council will be involved in providing the registry with guidance on best practices for the .Music gTLD, including Abuse Prevention and Mitigation (APM) Seal reporting system, intellectual property rights protection, gTLD rules, reserved second-level domain names, certification or authentication programmes, and ensuring compliance with ICANN rules,” emphasised Charles Melvin of Dot Music Limited.

“As someone who is passionate about both music and the Internet, this is music to my ears,” explained Iain Roache of Dot Music Limited.  “The way that the Web has changed music—and vice-versa—is incredible, and we hope that the .Music gTLD will serve as the canvas for the industry’s future.  Central to this is a strong, experienced Governance Council that will ensure that the industry’s stakeholders are spoken for.”

.Music Governance Council members are expected to span a cross-section of the industry—from artists, to studios, to producers, and others hoping to contribute their voice to the .Music gTLD.  To learn more about the Governance Council, interested individuals are invited to visit

Dot Music Limited representatives explained that expressions of interest would be accepted at this site for several months, with ongoing communications sent to interested parties prior to the Governance Council launch.  Officials also noted that ongoing Governance Council activity is subject to award of the .Music gTLD by ICANN.