The .Sport Governance Council now open

Worldwide Sporting Fanatics to Contribute to Future of Internet Domain

June 2013 – Dot Sport Limited, which seeks to operate the .Sport top-level domain (new gTLD), today announced that the .Sport Governance Council will begin accepting expressions of interest. Individuals interested in advising on best practices for the .Sport gTLD are encouraged to make their voice heard.

The Governance Council is the third of its kind to have been announced, with similar but independent bodies having been launched for .Health and .Rugby within the past weeks. “Designed to ensure that the world sports community has a voice in the .Sport gTLD, the effort follows on the heels of the application process overseen by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers),” declared Charles Melvin .Sport Governance Council members will help craft best practices for the .Sport gTLD, including Abuse Prevention and Mitigation (APM) Seal reporting system, intellectual property rights protection, gTLD rules, reserved second-level domain names, certification or authentication programmes, and ensuring compliance with ICANN rules.

Iain Roache of Dot Sport Limited explained that the purpose of the Governance Council is to ensure that the Internet has a unique space for the world sporting community. “Sports bring out the best in all of us—from competing in our youth to watching our favourites on television and around the world,” he said. “The .Sport gTLD extends this enthusiasm to the Internet, where the entire sporting world will be able to express themselves. The .Sport Governance Council will be instrumental in driving this mission.”

.Sport Governance Council participants may include athletes, fans, company representatives, and other stakeholders interested in shaping the .Sport gTLD.  A website has been established for those looking to participate in this initiative:

Dot Sport Limited representatives explained that expressions of interest would be accepted at this site for several months, with ongoing communications sent to interested parties prior to the Governance Council launch.  Officials also noted that ongoing Governance Council activity is subject to award of the .Sport gTLD by ICANN.