Governance Council launched for .BID generic Top Level Domain (TLD)

Council Members sought to help guide .BID gTLD on the Internet

Dot Bid Limited, the sole applicant for the .BID new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), today announced that it is seeking representatives interested in participating in a Governance Council for the gTLD .BID.

“The rise in popularity of market place sites such as ebay, Alibaba, and Mercado Libre has meant that bidding online for goods and services around the world is nearly as natural as buying a Newspaper” said Iain Roache of Dot Bid Limited. “With over 112 million users on eBay alone, having a dedicated virtual space for auction platforms, market place sites and individual buyers and sellers  provides a beacon for an enormous, self-selecting, trusted user base ready to buy and sell virtually anything online.”

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is enabling an expansion of the Internet’s real estate to include just about any domain name extension including .BID.

To help guide the development and direction of the .BID gTLD, Dot Bid Limited is creating a Governance Council to help advise on best practice for operation and policy of the Top Level Domain including abuse prevention and mitigation, intellectual property rights protection, gTLD operating rules, reserved second-level domain names, certification or authentication programmes, and compliance.

“We are reaching out to all parties that have an interest in buying and selling online across the entire spectrum of auctions” continued Roache, “from English auctions to penny auctions, across a range of general markets and niche genres, and the more traditional offline auction houses. All interested parties are invited to contribute to the .BID Governance Council, helping to shape the online auction space now and into the future.”

If you are interested in participating to the .BID governance council simply visit Expressions of interest will be accepted at this site for several months, with on-going communications sent to interested parties prior to the Governance Council launch.